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Thread: Chocobo Digging?     submit to reddit submit to twitter

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    Chocobo Digging?

    So i just hit 11 sec recast time for digging last night. I was wondering do you get better items depending on your chocobo level at higher level area like the desert or it just random stuff.

    If I'm lucky i usually get 15,000 gils in items after 30mins of digging just riding around.

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    Yes your success increases with each level. I'm still level 2 digging as well, but a friend recently hit level 3 and noticed a huge increase in lumbur dug up in Yuhtunga/Yhoator. I keep meaning to skill up digging, but keep getting side tracked with all these jobs I love to level ><

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    bikwin use to choc. dig u should ask him, i only craft the gear

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    I am level 6 in Chocobo digging. (Pain in the goddamn ass)

    Yes you get much better stuff at that level, but you also tend to tap out the areas and have to rezone a lot because there is no time limit in between your digs. But if you are willing to spend the literal millions in greens you can dig up some very nice shit. Especially if you want to take certain crafts to high levels and not fork over tons of gil for the synthesis.

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    is there a site that has stuff on chocobo digging and how do i tell if i've lvled

    around how many stacks you think it would take for each lvl, 200?

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    Holy shit necropost

    Anyway, approximate stacks to dig to level up:
    a60 <-- start here
    a55 60-90 stacks
    a50 325-420 stacks
    a45 650-900 stacks
    a40 1100-1450 stacks
    a35 1855-2111 stacks
    a30 2300-2700 stacks
    a25 2900-3300 stacks
    a20 3500-4100 stacks
    a15 4300-5900 stacks
    a10 7080-8000 stacks

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    its not like necroposting on this was bad i had a question and holy shit thats alot of stacks

    edit: what does that mean beside each count of stacks it says a60 and a45 and a10 and etc and do you know how to check what lvl you are

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    You can tell when you level by how much delay you have after you zone until you're able to dig, and the delay between your other digs.

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    sooo... best case takes 24070 stacks to reach lvl10, worse case is 28,971 stacks ._.

    in other words, lvl10 choco digging takes 288,840-347,652 digs to achieve .___.;;;

    cant you get like orichalcum ore or sumfin out of bubu tho at the higher lvls? >_>;; i remember old rumors about that...

    never have found real solid info on digging ;_;
    other than it takes too long to lvl and there was a bard song rumored to only be obtainable by digging up the r/ex scroll XD

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ilpalazzo
    never have found real solid info on digging ;_;
    other than it takes too long to lvl and there was a bard song rumored to only be obtainable by digging up the r/ex scroll XD
    Just a rumor.

    Anyways, there is a useful guide on For those of you starting now thinking, "zomg, I can get rich digging up elemental ores," keep in mind that it will take many, many months of hours upon hours of boring digging to get your lvl up high enuff to get the uber stuff. Even so, there are people who have had a couple years head start on you so the competition to dig is pretty high.

    Just go into it knowing it's going to be long and slow. When I started, I targeted areas that had common drops for items I could use to level up various crafting. I was leveling 3-4 crafts at the same time this way.

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