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    The New Almaa

    The kid that bought my account sold it... I don't know what happened with him but apparently he was an idiot.

    I've spoken to the guy who just bought Almaa, and he was asking me what happened and I don't know but he says a lot of people are giving him shit for stuff he didn't do and he asked me to post on his behalf to make sure everyone knows that the kid who was playing before sold it and it's someone completely different.

    The previous kid put his bazaar comment in the JP client so the new guy can't change it for some reason in the NA client.

    Basically he just wants to be left alone to play the game... so yeah, just wanted to let y'all know.

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    Well you ask for it if you BUY an account <.<

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    Not even on the server ;3

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    No matter what server you are on, you are gambling if you are buying
    an account because you're lazy and daddy has given you too much allowance

    Why would he complain if he bought his char? Deal with it

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