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    Possible reason for broken Steam Cleaners Server-wide?

    Hi I'm geno from Shiva server. I'm sure most of you recall that before the recent patches Steam Cleaner seemed to refuse to pop on many servers. Shiva was one of them. As I look back on the event I recall the last time I had ever seen Steam Cleaner on our server. It was when a PLD in our LS popped Steam Cleaner solo, but didnt voke it, just zoned it and then we zoned in about 1 minute later. When we came in, it had already despawned. But from then on, it never seemed to pop again.

    So I thought back on if this really could be an isolated incident. Most ppl that pop Steam Cleaner kill him. But rarely, it may depop from occasions like ours, or if a party wipes to it. It seems entirely possible that on most servers, a situation like this could have happened. And the reason it was over such a wide server range, was because of the strangely long time inbetween server shut downs. The servers that it didnt happen to, might have been free of these somewhat rare occurances.

    I also remember that 2 servers had an emergency maintenance sometime before the patch, and seemed to report SC as fixed afterwards. Reason being, is a server shutdown, probably not only changes NM pop time, but also despawns any already spawned NMs.

    The reason all of this came to me, was earlier today, maybe noon or earlier, a party from a different LS wiped to Steam Cleaner. Since then, it hasnt popped, which is 8+hours since ToD. Since the patch we have always been able to pop him anywhere from 2-4 maybe even 2-6 hours after its ToD. None of the other LSs camping it have seen it pop yet either. So, i'm wondering, if SC indeed is broken once again on Shiva, if this could be the cause of all these problems.

    And so, with that in mind, I was wondering if any other LSs can recall a similar despawning incident happening before SC was last broken on your servers. If you can, please post, and maybe if we find the problem, then SE can find a solution. lol

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    spawned and killed steam cleaner last week.

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    well yeah we killed it 3 times last week. And it was killed almost everyday until today. The only thats happened since then, is it despawned manually, and now wont repop.

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    my LS went to hunt triggers NM in sky, some of them left and someone managed to pop SC but we didnt had enough ppl ( no tanks ) to kill it and so it depop infront of them. next day we poped it easily same method as always. so i can confirm if it is broken again in your server it is not from this reason.

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    if you can get the pop to be bugged with some sort of depopping like this,
    it was a serverwide gilfarmer conspiracy. I wish square would acknowledge that GMS lied their asses off when they said it was working perfectly. everyone who got SC hours after their next server up knows that's bullshit - if square doesn't take some responsibilty then it's obvious how much they care about endgame being operational (none).

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    this is twice its happened like this lol, maybe we just had bad luck and both happened consecutively for some other reason :\.
    Although yes, it was very obvious that there was a problem, and by telling us it was working perfectly, they really lied pretty bad. I wish they would just acknowledge the current issues with the end game more then anything, to prove they are working on them. For them to claim there is no latency issues, or that Steam Cleaner was(is) working perfectly as intended, is to show they really don't have any interest in the endgame.

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    well the thing is though, SC was working fine on some servers, GM's arent restricted to one server, they can jump around, they just dont remmeber which servers SC is workin on so they just say "Yes, SC is working properly"

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    It has broken twice on Pandemonium, too.

    Popped him last night, though, so hopefully he'll remain operational for a while.

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