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    http://www.hiqglobal.com/ffxi/phpBB2/vi ... .php?t=474

    I was reading up on some other forms and I saw this and I just wanted to know if you was in one of these HNM LSs how you would have reacted..

    Not too long ago something like this happened with my LS while camping Lord of Onzozo. We came in like 30mins before it spawned my LS thought it would have been a good idea for some people to start killing the place holders while we were there, there was 2 other people there killing it.. Wasn’t sure how long they were there but than it had spawned and My LS was now zoning into the area. I guess the other 2 people thought we were going to claim it and they claimed it and died. Their LS came in 4 mins after we had claimed it. We got drop and they tried to call a GM on us for stealing “their” NM. Saying as how their LS was already on the way and they took more than 6hrs killing placeholders. /sigh

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    Its a simple example of "Shit Happens"

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sadler
    Its a simple example of "Shit Happens"
    Yeah, basically what he said. It does suck ass to camp things for hours and then have someone come along and win the pull over you. Or in your situation, tough titties for them. Who cares if their LS was on the way. They weren't there when they needed to be. End of story.

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    We had same situation with Knights ls in Sea Serpent Grotto. Honestly at first we were like hey wtf we were here just buffing and getting ready and you rush in here, but honestly we had no claim to it. After we got people calm everyone sorda realized that we should have claimed it instead of bullshiting around, but you will have that. I like the one guy who said "Do you know how boring this would be if claim was given to whoever was killing PH."

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    Pfft Chary 1 NIN 1 BRD 1 STUN 1 WHM: easy win...don't think u even need the stun >.>

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    if you don't have enough people to hold it, than it's not yours.

    if you have enough people to hold it and you let someone else get the claim first, it's also not yours.

    if there's competition you need to claim asap, if you don't and someone else claims first it's your own fault.

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    With stuff that has 100% drop like charby or ungur it is good manners to not compete with someone that is already there killing the placeholders, and just come back another day. Rare drops liek LoO though it is fine to compete for pulls.

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    I like to respect anyone who seem to have spent a fair amount of time popping something.
    Timed mobs I don't care how long you were there for, but when you need to kill placeholders,
    I think it's most respectful to let whoever was there first get the kill.

    I camped a NM for over 30 days in a row, killing it every day no drop.
    Then a small group of botters decide to show... after 30 days of me killing.
    Spending 3-6hrs every day to pop it.

    They won claim but no drop.. but I got a little annoyed, I had already spent 4hrs.
    They didn't even kill the placeholders when they popped but left that for me to do.

    Lucky me got the drop on day 43 -.-;

    I still feel placeholder NM's, if someone was there first, let them have it.
    Just stay and wait for them to wipe or note time if they win or something.
    Then be there before them the next day.

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