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    Song from Tiamat

    I remember that song from Conan but it's a remix ^^;
    The song from Conan was O fortuna by Carmina Burana

    Go here for the actual song and a translation from latin.

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    here's another translation, though I'm no expert on which is more accurate

    O luck,
    like the moon
    changeable in state,
    you are always waxing
    or waning;
    hateful life
    is one moment hard
    and the next moment watches over
    the mind's playful acumen;
    it melts like ice.

    Fate monstrous
    and empty,
    a whirling wheel you are;
    if badly placed
    health is vain-
    it can ever be dissolved;
    and veiled
    you harass me too;
    now at the gaming table
    my bare back
    I bring to your villainy.

    The luck of health
    and strength
    is against me,
    is attacked
    and ruined
    all the time, in your service.
    In this hour
    without delay
    sweep the sounding strings;
    and for that which, by lot,
    overthrows the strong man,
    weep with me, all of you!

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