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    Just a random question

    This might seem stupid, but I have a question. In many FFXI movies, including BlueGartr's, the filmer always seems to have messages and email. Now I know you are busy and can't answer them during the fight, but I'va also seen pictures in which a person has many messages. For example, Imperatrix had 48 messages waiting to be read when fighting Tiamat. O_O Is this a trend? The cool thing to do? Just asking. >.>

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    Some people are just popular

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    I bet joft's is maxed

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    imperatrix had to move back to brazil, and we play her character for events... she is moving back to canada in like a few weeks. I'm sure she'll check her messages.

    As for me... I just dont look at them.

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    i look at mine i just dont delete them xD

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