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    Hello BG :)

    Hello everyone of the Blue Gartr.

    First off I want to congragulate all you guys on your accomplishments. I have been an avid fan since last August, and watching what you all have done is truly inspiring.

    I myself am from the Fenrir server, with a growing Linkshell of my own. We are just beginning to conduct God Stone Farming runs, and hope to soon be fighting gods as well. Our website is @ if you're every curious

    I guess my question(s) is this. How do you efficiently spend your time stone/gem farming? I have found in our first several runs that a lot of the time I am spending is conducting members in where to go, or giving directions and whatnot. We have all grown together, so everything is a first for us together. Is this something that just comes with practice? Any advice is appreciated, thanks in advance

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    once people know where most of the NMs are its alot faster, less people will get lost, also, instead of having all the people try to pop 1 thing at a time, send a few people to do it, i myself have duod to pop despot with a rdm, as a black mage, not to hard, and if despot pops, people can escape and run to help

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