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Thread: Hecatomb for WAR?     submit to reddit submit to twitter

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    Hecatomb for WAR?

    Do you think Hecatomb Body would be a decent alternative for WAR, when DDing at least, this would probably be with Byakko Haidate and Haste. The reason for this being that a certain JP HNM ls is always at Fafnir when there is a chance of Nidhogg, regardless of the time. Haubergeon+1 is what I currently have.

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    Probably wouldn't recommend using it 100% of the time. Best when swapped in for Weapon Skills as far as I understand.

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    Don't forget, Niddy drops abjurations for 3 other bodies as well. If they had alot of mouths to feed, it would explain why they're always there.

    To answer your question about the Hecatomb Harness, I would just macro that in with your equipment change before doing a weapon skill (e.g. Steel Cyclone). Its not bad for regular use if you possess multi-hit weapons (e.g. Ridill, Kraken). The delay is less noticable.

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