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    hiya :)

    hiyas long time reader, first time poster

    this nothing new to you guys and all but wanted to share the good night we had, 2 genbus and 1 byakko

    second genbu


    see ya

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    I take it those are some good drops? >_>

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    dont really care about the drops persay i happy we just won lol

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    Hehe, Well congrats then.

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    Congratz on your win!! :D

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    Congrats on your Win! Hope there will be more to come! :D

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    Goror is funny.. Divine log excite this person alot....
    Solo/Duo Cemetary Cherry if you love Divine logs

    Haidate is best drop from Byakko imo ^^

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    yea i didnt grab the pic from our first genbu the notables out of that were the shield and the claw. Our first attempt last week at byakko went really rough and wiped and all so it was such a great day to win all 3 gods, especially byakko we were pretty tense about him.

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    Well Babyorphan the reason i went crazy is cuz i wanted the log badly so i could get my Shura Haidate so i got it and i was so happy. But my luck didntt stop there during the synthesis of my Cursed Haidate something happened..... probably know the answer to that Cursed haidate-1
    I dont know if im the 1st Na on Bahamut to get it but im probably in the top 5 or something like that.So that explains my happiness

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    Hmm i got a question seeing i know 95% of the ppl from the SS, is this from the old Virtue days or NH?

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    It is from New Hope, seemed after a bit it was old virtue because of how many people came over.

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