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    ? for Edwardtheblack

    I have a question on Paladin gear, so i thought i would ask the coolest Paladin in the world

    What is the most important stat for PLD
    some ppl ive talked to say thet DEF is most important
    others say VIT is more important.

    Im lvl17PLD/8WAR and already have +3 Vit just in case
    oh BTW ur the coolest Paladin EVER.

    <@[email protected]>)={>>>>>>>

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    i would load up on as much VIT as u can for XP situations, at ur level i wouldnt worry too much about equips just try and stay up to date with the new sets of armor. ur best best at 18 for rings would be stamina rings.

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    i know my name isnt edwardtheblack

    i want to say this....

    i think, yes another one of my theories...

    Def is to Attk as VIT is to STR

    vit and str provide and range... in that range is a huge gap....
    you could take or deal up to 50-100 points of dmg.... the more def or attack you have will help close the gap... i'm sure you've seen the same amount of dmg done over and over before on ws and single attacks.

    i've loaded up on str before .... with attack and did up to... 3.1 on some bats...
    yea i know bats 75 taru rng / war

    try it out for yourself... dont you take less dmg with defender? and umm more dmg on with berserk? why you think acid bolts are def down and not vit down :O

    just my two cents
    gl hf

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    I say, most important status for pld is enemity.
    But there is no enemity+ gear at lvl 18. so Your gear, + vit things are ok in my opinion.
    I recommend to buy herclus or mermaid ring when you get reqrement lvl for those ring.

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    i have both mermaids and hercules, the enmity is definitely important but the only thing you could wear b4 mermaid is the Cache-nez, when u get to the level i think its 39 a Grudge Sword is nice so like edwardtheblack said enmity is definitely important. i was a pretty gimped PLD for a while so i couldnt even help out much for what you should be wearing at your level.

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    Can't PLD use that new Lv.1 mask with Enmity? ^-^
    Yup, that Cache-nez or Pumpkin head? ._.

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    pumpkin head +1?

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    Cache-nez ==> Enmity+2 (cost like 10~30k)
    Pumpkin Head only ==> Enmity+1 (was free)

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    Jul 2004
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    Yea, I was somewhat gimp until getting into BG. Until then, I was only an EXP pld and had never killed anything with multiple bulks of damage blowing the mobs away. I went straight up VIT on all my gear (except for the AF which provided me with the +enmity that most PLDs stuck with). Now I prefer enmity just like Ed said~

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