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    Clothcraft question/request

    Anyone happen to be aware of a relatively in-depth guide about skillups post-52. There's the dreaded Green Ribbon, but just wondering if there's the slim possiblity of something that can be made, with minimal loss by comparison, in place of that >.> Searched around several places and still can't seem to find something that just "works."

    Did I mention I live in my ideal world? XD Any help would be appreciated.

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    You can try making scarlet linen cloth w. one bloodthread and two linen thread but that caps at 55. It seems the only way is make those bloody green ribbons.....

    You can try making mining pants that only caps at 60 but request more stuff per sync.

    I'm at 57 cloth and still slowly making those damn green ribbons :sigh: and what worst is i have 100,000 GP .. 10more lvls to b4 i can get myapron. .....

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    Maybe, just maybe, we can somehow hack SE, change the lame Green Ribbon to a weapon, and strangle people with it out of frustration

    Anyone else agree? >.>

    Edit: I R Gewd Spel er -.-

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    after ribbons youll prob have to struglle with silk headbands, they are just as bad :\

    you might be able to get some decent desynth of off your greens, i never tested it. i plan on testing it on my silk headbands.. hopefully i can get back enough silk threads to make some more cloth and break close to even -_-

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    I did green ribbons to 63, about 4 months ago selling to NPC for minimal loss, but now they are a bit bigger loss. Then I hit the silk headband stage, and carbon fiber was no trouble (bomb ash from bastok ----> furball for HQ synth) but the problem is they sell for less to the NPC then the stupid ribbons. I have looked over the recipies and as someone mentioned, the only minimal loss recipies for this dreaded stage are green ribbons -----> silk headband (throw in a few battle bracers at 68 ) = huge money loss. Keep your head up though because its gets even better then this: I believe to hit 100 you will need to synth Errant capes and cursed Dalmatica, ty SE.

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    I might be wrong, but blessed briault might be a new viable option to get to 100. It takes 2 galateia, which are 1.4mil on bahamut right now, and sells for 3mil. I imagine if you HQed one skilling up it would cover a lot of losses given any failures too. Anyhow, there should be a lot of 100 cloth ppl soon.

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    Aye your right I forgot about that, and considering the ability to get the materials the blessed briault would be the best option. I just cant imagine skill up on those

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    Yeah, I just learned about the new whm JSE body as a final skillup. 'Course still in the process of getting TO the Green Ribbon stage <.< I like to save up materials early >.>

    26.1 and heko obis suck. On the side note, IMO, if you actually can go farm out/buy Tonberry coats they can be desynthed (wind) into linen cloth, then just change those into Soil Hachimakis. On average I typically get 2-3, sometimes the rare 4 cloth from the one synth. I still don't understand it, but I HQ the wind + ton coat synth more than I HQ the good ol' yagudo necklace into grass thread XD

    Gonna do Wool Thread soon since I'm .9 away from the cap-off for those fekkin Obis. That...and making the sheep wool for the thread will bring up leathercraft which is needed for Dalmaticas >.<

    /em farms massive amount of Broo

    If you ever need sheepskin, make a trip to beadeux, those things are generous

    Edit: Hooked on Phonics DIDN'T work for me -.-

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    Sorry man But ribbons is the only way to go for minimal profit loss, Your best option is to desynth them on good days and hope for the best, either way this gap is bad, and as noted silk headbands are also a pain in the ass. Just one of the Things about clothcraft, just be glad their not Gold Ingots =P

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    I cursed the silk lvl's when i was on them... now i wish i could go back. On rainbow thread/cloth now and crying irl >< stacks of thread go for about 260k on Ifrit server

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    whoops, didnt register ^ thats me Nice board btw^^

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    So far at 30.3 >.> Figured I can do Bird fletchings with synth support, so, since there's an NM I can camp and farm feathers at the same time, might as well <.< At least fletchings are at least bareable, and somewhat profitable -.^

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