I can personally vouch for most of their kills (although being an LS member, Im in no condition to say that any of their kills are false.)

The thing is, Eclipse = Angelic, the leader retired and we switched pearls.

VisVires broke up during the winter of 2004; alot of members quit the game for WoW, with a few joining Steivia (JPN HNMLS), few joining Persistance/KS (Sky HNMLS), and of course we got a few into Angelic as well.

I apologize for the lack of screenshots, I personally don't handle this department, as I didn't even know it was submited in BG's Big Kill list. Reason for the number of big kills we had is partially transcended from Angelic's kills; and after VisVires disbanded, we did not have competition for Fafnir/Nid or Adamantoise/Aspi for a whole 3 months; with an occasional visit from a JPN LS on weekends. (though King Behemoth was still a bitch to claim.)

Our luck hasn't been so great lately, as Steivia and Coloration returned to killing the big 3.

Just wanted to give an explanation to the admins of BG. thanks.