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    Nice work.

    Hello BG.

    I caught wind of your guys website and decided to check out your videos, and i must say, i gotta give you props on them. very nicely done. Best FFXI vids i have seen yet. Hope to see more of your Vids soon. Good Luck BG and great work!

    Oxblaid of Valefor Server.
    Link: Xiphias
    Kirin Captivators @ March 19, 2005

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    thanks a bunch. also word on the street is that theorderls.com website is getting completely redone with more data... and more stuff for bigkills and the hnm community... but it could just be a rumor!! keep checking back with us

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    lol, I love that, particularly because you're the one that controls weather the site changes or not...

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