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    Equip Storage

    [i]In the previous version update, a new service was added allowing players to safely store full sets of artifact armor for a small fee. Due to the positive feedback regarding this new feature, the development team has decided to expand the equipment storage service to include over thirty new sets of various low-level armor and clothing. After trading a full set (consisting of 4 to 5 pieces) to one of four NPCs located in each of the major nations, players will receive a claim slip that can be presented when they wish to have their armor returned.

    Whether for level-restricted orb battles, Promathia missions, or for raising support jobs, low-level equipment can eat up a lot of room in a player's Mog Safe. Utilizing this feature will make it easier to store and retrieve space-consuming armor sets, while leaving Mog Safes open to hold more important items. The days of throwing away sleepshrooms to open slots for your silver gauntlets are over!

    Further details on the expanded service will be made available in the version update announcement released in late April.

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    I saw that earlier. Best idea, ever. Let's just hope that it is implemented as well as the AF storage. (Hizzah! No more running between mules to get all of my equipment for lower-leveled jobs!)

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