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Thread: Gilsellers and {sky}     submit to reddit submit to twitter

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    Gilsellers and {sky}

    They've finally done it. Garuda's gilsellers have moved on from Amemet to Tu'lia. The rumor states that they've already beaten Genbu but /shrugs.

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    Someone makes a good point on that thread. Sky is actualy a point of interest for many people, while Kuftal isn't as important. SE should expect to see tons of complaints soon and alot more mpk in sky.

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    Salvage Bans
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    They'll never take control of sky, they suck.

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    You say that now, but wait till they have the trigger mobs camped 24/7 like they do Valk Emp, and Deggi.

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    E. Body
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    There should be one day, just one day, where raise are automatically accepted, you can't logout, and there is enabed player versus player combat. All, and I mean, all the gilsellers would be pwned like this:


    For hge groups of gilsellers, blm come into play with their thundaga III.

    Repeat killing/raising/killing until every last one of them is level 1.

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    Yes, its true.. >< All they do is camp water and zip 24/7! Most of them are always in sky now and if they aren't they move back down to AQ and amemet. Its very sad...they even report you for mpking them lol

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    I heard gilsellers camp zipacna 24/7 in some server.

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