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    Thank You BG!! ; ;

    <Hello!> I'm Fujitaru from the Ragnarok server, <Nice to meet you.> :D

    I just wanted to say <Thank you.> to all of you in Blue Gartr. You guys have been my soul inspiration and the drive to my devotion since I was a baby Taru. I could never get enough of watching your videos, Kirin being my all time favorite, I must have watched it 75 times. I just downloaded your Tiamat video and even until this day you guys motivate me to continue playing this game despite all I've been through. Ya'll represent the pinnacle of what I strive for, <Impossible to gauge> HNMLS.

    Once again, <Thank you.> for all the inspiration you've given me, keep up the big game hunting!

    ~Fuji the Fan

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    Why thank you for the nice comments and flattery. Its great to have Fans. Glad to hear that our accomplishments help others on totally different servers.

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