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    Sea Torques
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    Mar 2005
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    My ls is thinking of taking on Roc. We have taken down LJ 3 times so far, first time was easy, second we almost wiped, and third was so-so. Think we can take Roc?

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    Roc isn't hard >.> Depends on your jobs and levels going with you I guess ;o

    I've killed Roc once, was on a total whim. Bunch of people I knew apparently got the TOD somehow and we just went and downed Roc for the hell of it XD

    He uses Benediction, and you'll want to keep him silenced, 'course, not too bad ;o I think our group messing around with him at the time was:

    75PLD, 70+WHM, 60~BLM, 60RDM (me), 61WAR, 62WAR, 62MNK, 70+BRD(?), 66SAM(?), and I think that's it. Was a long time so I have a hard time remembering what the configuration was, we did Darkness renkei <.< Roc's a pansy Only got vile elixir, reraiser, and that silly sword >.< Take this as a comparison I guess and you might find your answer ;o

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    Salvage Bans
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    Nov 2004
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    Watch out for Massacre Elegy (I think that's the move)

    It's hate reset, so have your tanks lookin for that.

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    Sea Torques
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    Jan 2005
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    Bryant Snow
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    FFXI Server
    WoW Realm

    Roc is fairly easy,
    72NIN(Me) 68RDM/BLM 74DRK/RDM(to help heal a bit <.<) 71RNG/NIN

    don't think Massacre Eligy is hate reset >.> it just slows me down pretty fucking much XD recast a little over a minute on Ni if I remember right =x RDM didn't sub WHM so was messing me up a lot XD. but yea, Roc is fairly easy HNM, just gotta know how to play your jobs :D, oh and yea it took a long ass time to kill XD**edit, we've killed this mfer 80+times (dating back to my pre-RDM, DRG days. and our drop totals have been...hmm 1 Staff, and 4 Ingots~ and then 75ish fucking swords /cheer)

    ooo and talking about LJ, killed him yesterday with same setup, minus the DRK and got Bloodsword, no ss on that T_T

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    Roc is cake, Took it last night with 75thf, 75drg,75brd. Just let thf tank untill his SA is up. disengage have brd sleep let thf run behind and SA it. and keep on with that. Dont have any melee's on it if you dont have but a thf or lower nin tankin. Just come in for ws. so that it wont spam ws and kill tanks shadows. If you got pld and lots of people. Just gang bang it. Not hard at all.

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    Just relized this post is like 2 months old............... Yeah......... well..... I'm gonna go now.....

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