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    [All right!]

    Ever since I switched to dsl after getting my router to work I've gotten a weird type of disconnect where it brings me to the selection screen. The catch is, when I log back on my character is rolled back 40min-1hour back from when I DCed. EXP gained, items gained/used, and where I stand is exactly like what it was at the time. Anyone ever get this kind of disconnect, and what'd you do about it?

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    send all your gil to a mule then DC and bam. instant gil

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    Kuai... that's interesting...

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    Gil duping with a crappy internet connection...mmmmm.

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    do eeeetttt

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    You could be like this guy.


    Level 1 with 60 million gil. Except he bought it...o_O

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    No no no you got it all wrong. The space time continum is broken and so he is slowly traveling back in time.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mithracat
    Level 1 with 60 million gil. Except he bought it...o_O
    Looks more like hes just the ingame character of an ige employee passing out purchases.

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    Snakes RMTs.

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    ya that tell, is a sent one, not a recieved, so it's an IGE ATM.

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    Talk to SE? Sounds like its more on their side then it is on yours. All actions are server side, your computer knows nothing about how much exp you got in the last hour.

    I've heard a story like this before, but I wont scare you with the rly depressing details.

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