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    Calluna Vulgaris

    Hiya, BG!

    I been a huge fan of your website for a long time. Got all your videos and wallpapers too. o.O I came to your website cause I could never get into a Huge HNMLS, Never got to do any of the end-game stuff. So I came here to see what it was like and I loved it. Loved every little update you all had, all the videos you made, But enough of that. That's what you hate. I came here to say I'm going to really miss you all, especially Quicklet. my hero ^.^*
    I hope that what-ever Server you pick on WoW, that you continue to keep updating your website. I still want to know what you all are up to.
    Hopefully, the Website will be here, so I don't lose you (i-i)! Well, I'm going to go now. I embrassed myself far more than I wanted. I'm on BlackHand server as a 60 Rogue. Stop by, hang out, hopefully stay. (not giving my Character's name due to the public) Thank you for everything.
    ^ ^ Sincerely,
    m(=^.^=)m Calluna Vulgaris.

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    Melee Summoner
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    april fools!!

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    counter april fools thread! omfgcatmeowzzz

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    Sea Torques
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    i love retarded people

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    Quote Originally Posted by ciechi
    i love retarded people
    your love for me grows stronger with each passing day

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