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    HNM spawns, ToD window question.

    I don't think anyone will actually tell me if this is true or not, less competition and all, but I'd thought I'd ask anyway. You can delete this info if you want so it does not spread. I'm just looking for confirmation so my LS can enjoy what the game has to offer.

    The LS I belong to is wanting to try to take on the lower tier HNM's like Roc, ect.. And when we graduate to the higher ground gods I just wanted to see if I understand how they spawn.

    Lets take Fafnir for example, it's a 21-24 hours spawn since last ToD if I understand correctly. If so and from what I've read/picked up it will only spawn in 30 min intervals. So if it died yesterday at exactly 10:00:00pm CST, it will only spawn @ 7pm, 7:30pm, 8:00pm, 8:30pm, 9:00pm, 9:30pm, and 10pm. How do you determine what day a HQ will pop?

    Does this apply to the other lower tier HNM’s like Serket, Roc, Simurgh, ect? Any info would be great if anyone is willing to share, if not I can understand. Thank you.

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    Lower tier HNM or "Jeuno NM" as some people call them are 3 hr windows and can spawn anywhere within those three hours. some are larger than 3 hrs and some are smaller thats up to you to figure out. As for the system your talkin about if someone wants to ruin the fun then they will put it in the board here if not then im sure someone will PM you or you PM them.

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    graduate first, to sky from jeuno NMs, kill kirin and then you can ask me whatever you wanna know :wink:

    Given you are not on bahamut

    (ps i'm not in bg)

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    Ok then, may be a little to soon to ask. My LS should have sky by the weekend, and then we just need to lvl a bit more. Average right now is lvl 65. I'm just trying to find out info for them where I can . Thanks for info, and I'll be PM'ing you zigma soon :D.

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    Hang out at a Fafnir/Nidhogg Camp. Watch what happens. There's your answer.

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