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    Element and MH.

    Since I've read different stories about this , here is my version.
    I just finished the mannequin quest and I bougt 4 extra ones, put them( all granted of light energy) in storage and I have no others furnishings , means my MH is full of light energy.
    Full moon light days comes , so I decided to do my usual Lightening Bows , but this time on my MH(I didn't see any difference crafting in MH outside b4).
    Here are the results => 15/24 Lightening Bows +1
    I usually get ~5-10 max.
    Tried it again on the next moon , got 14/24.
    Well I don't know for you , but for me it seems to work :wink:

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    what crystal is used to make lightning bows, and being at lvl 100 wood, im sure that you have the furnishing guild point item, which do you seem to HQ more often with

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    Earth is.

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