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    skill up shield

    hello nice to meet u all =)

    um sorry if this has been asked before but ive tried several ways to skill up my shield, all to a failure ; ;

    ive tried several techniuqes to raise it.

    1. Stumbleing Sandales -dex n -agi : i heard it helps u block more with ur shield so u parry less. bah didnt see a difference ; ;

    2. fighting a dc n not engageing while haveing a whm heal from behind.
    i found though it helped when i had no weapon equiped but still didnt
    get any noticable skill ups ; ; (while engaged)

    3. basic skill up partys used swrd n shield while on steeshells all i got was more parry then shield skill ups.

    basically ive treid these on 3-4 hours bases to no luck most i got was doing the 2nd one where i got .4 total >.<

    i was wondering if ur plds have there shield skill maxed n what start. they used

    thnks again n good luck

    Server : Asura
    enmity 33+3 hate can i have it ^^

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    hey, im currently 73 pld, with 247ish base shield, idk if you are higher or not but w.e. I find weapons in sky to be best for my shield they give big chunks like .1-.5, i never tried to skill shield its all from XP PTs and other crap, but when i started XP'n in sky, i noticed big shield skill increase rate.. IMO i would use the AF feet they give shield +10, doesnt shield skill affect how often you block? if so, throw in a shield torque or koenig head or something.. flamingos still give me like .1 kind of often, sometimes.. well my best guess would be just to keep merit/xp in sky.. hope i helped =/

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    I'm at 271, and I believe the Cap is 276?? I've found that I've gotten the most from Meripo parties, and just exp'ing. IMO its more of a random thing, kind of like parry, just takes time to raise it. I'm sure some others here have theirs capped. I haven't really tinkered with any of shield+ gears, besides AF boots which i wear along with Keonig Schaller.

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    Shield skill is much easier to level since the last patch's changes.

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