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    Linkshell Help

    Hello. My name is Greyheart from the Fairy Server. I've looked through your site and some of your forums and have seen your video conquests.
    From everything i've seen, i've noticed that your LS seems to be well-made and an extremely cohesive unit. That being said, i'll get to my point for this topic.

    I am the leader of a linkshell on Fairy known as TheBlackSheep. We've been an established LS for well over 16 months. We've got about 14-27 active members, some whom pull double-duty (more than 1 LS). We've done one HNM, Simurgh, and pretty much do well. My question is, do you have any tips to take an okay LS into an even better one? Running a LS is hard, it's even worse when i've had several members make it into the 'Top 5' LSs on our server, leaving us behind. Our LS has massive amounts of talent and skill, but we would be better. Any tips?

    I also apologize if this topic is in any way not welcome on these boards. Thank You.

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    Ok i guess i can state my little opinion here. I am from Fairy and the problem i see with ALOT of LSes who are trying to form is that they concentrate too much on NMs instead of leveling. I have a RL friend that just joined a new LS with many of their members in the 65ish level with very few 70+'s. All they do is try and go claim NMs but at their level they cant do much, IMO instead of sitting at Roc, Simurgh or Serket for 3 hours with 18 people(which they usually have on) why not work together as a LS and form "static" parties and spend those 3 hours leveling. The LS would be soooo much more efficient with every1 close to 75. If you guys have been together that long just stay together and level, get every1 sky and the LS can move on from there but if you still have people <70 alot of things are hard to do.

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    E. Body
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    Yes, that sounds very intelligent to me.

    Help the lower members level by PLing, then form several statics.

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    wth :/

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    We have been doing so since the beginning, a few months back, our concern was getting everyone AF and Genkai help. Which we've done so effectively. However, then came the desire to do NMs. I'd rather go with what you wrote Night, i'd rather level, get all our sub-jobs and main-jobs up to par. I appreciate your opinions, and i'll keep scanning this topic in hopes of more comments.

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