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    Sea Torques
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    Best equip swapping macros for monk?

    I know many ppl don't like macros that swap equip because of the blinking, but I want to make an extra set of those just to optimize as much as possible everything with monk which is my favorite job. Aside for obvious simple situations like equipping all MND gear when just using chiblast, can any monk with experience in these swapping equip macros post here and tell me their most useful ones, reasons behind them etc?

    For example, it's always good to swap in and out af1 body + af2 gloves + genbu kabuto for doing chakra, but other things are not always clearcut to me.
    Like, is it good to always swap in af1 head when doing focus and af1 feet when doing dodge and immediately swap them out? This is because for example effect of equipping roshijinpaji when eating riceballs doesn't last after you unequip it, so focus+af1 might not really stack with optical hat besides the normal focus.

    Also how about gloves, I think using AF2 then swapping AF1 for boost and WS seems ideal but i am not sure.

    Same for brown belt swapped with warewolf for WS maybe (extra DEX and VIT which add to WS and even the emnity+3 might help in PTs with THF).
    How about macros for counterstance maybe macroing Drone and Kampfer earrings and agi+ rings and gear?

    And also for different subjobs situations, like for /nin, swap in brown belt and other haste gear (panzer mask, fuma, byakko haidate, and if tp is not important maybe even capricorn staff) in the utsusemi macro and swap them out for evasion counter and agi gear (rasetsu tekko, optical hat, af2 boots or rasetsu boots, mighty patas, t.m.slacks, etc) after recast counter is set?

    I tried to search the forum but didn't really know how to best search and couldn't find anything about this. If anybody has any suggestions or links to this sort of stuff, please post it here.


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    Sea Torques
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    Mar 2005
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    i dont use that much but i try to when im going solo,

    while subbing ninja i have 2 sets of macros, one for the str+attack gear
    to switch to before i do a weapon skill and the second set would be to change back to the evasion gear...some times if im evading alot i use a macro to switch to my haste equipment to shave some seconds of my shadow casting...

    thats all

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    Well, i'm only 68 with MNK, but I use equipment changing macro's all the time. Being a RDM main i'm used to not seeing my character. (<not relevant XD)

    As for the first question, AF1 head gives +5 accuracy while focus is in effect, taking off AF1 will get rid of the +5 accuracy. I noticed this in Boyahda a while back fighting crawlers. Popping focus they stayed normal evasion (no text) then after equipping AF1 head they went to low evasion. Taking it off they went normal again. So in short, macro in the appropiate AF for those abilities and keep them on till it wears off this is probably a good idea with dodge.
    (^tid bit of knowlegde?)

    But in your case, you've got an optical hat, so you get that accuracy anyway and then some. (envy, I want one)

    Using AF1 to boost before using WS is fine, just macro in the gloves you were using after you do WS (doing it before might make you miss SC). You gain about 10-15 more attack doing this.

    Swapping in Warwolf is obviously a good idea with /THF, I really doubt you need +3 enmity with /WAR unless you're trying to turn mob for a ---/THF. +8% haste won't help you on WS and the +3enmity can be transferred to tank with trick attack.

    As for /NIN, I don't know much about this, but swapping in +haste gear might get a bit tricky while keeping up shadows, once you cast Utsusemi the recast is set in stone, so switching out to evasion gear will help till you need to recast, problem is, you will be casting a lot so it just gets unnessescarily(sp; ;) complicated.

    That's about all I have to offer, hope you find it useful ^^

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