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    Wyrms o.O whaddya know about them? =P

    I've heard alot about the three 'great wyrms' Taimat, Jorgy, Vrtra.. but what is it about them that makes them so damn tough ? I hunger for teh wyrm knowledge, please help me out! :wink:

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    well, their name starts with a w

    i know nothing about them other then something about spike flail or something like that 8)

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    They are giant dragons that take no prisoners.

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    how to beat them

    1) don't trigger flail
    3) oh wait, you won't outclaim JP. sorry.

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    Because you know all those JPs are just camping Vrtra spamming voke as we speak.

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    Yeah, just look at those bots!

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    so I was right when I heard you have to camp like your whole alliance on its front claws ?

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    All 3 can be killed in both a Fafnir style and Kite style. We use Fafnir style fighting with some mods. ;3

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    Yea, kite style is really efficient.[/i]

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    Vrtra kited and killed, really:

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    Quote Originally Posted by Serket
    Vrtra kited and killed, really:

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    Quote Originally Posted by royze


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    a long time ago, I've came to the conclusion that NA LS's can kill anything thats kitable. But... Maybe we would make it spike flail kiting due to people not following directions/not working in a synchronised order/not know how how spike flail is triggered

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    lol it seems my pics became pretty popular, didnt think i would see um on this forum.

    but yeah, my LS kites Vrtra and we kite Jormungand about 50% of the time. Havent been spike flailed yet either.

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    that's impressive
    is the staff the haste one, or just decoration? and how much does Vrtra hit you with all that gear for?

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    prolly mercurial pole

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    oh thats acutally just a primate staff... i love that staff ;] no mercrucial pole has droped for us yet ;;

    Vrtra hit me for around an average of 170 mind you i wasnt wearing full koenig since it was a kite fight, i had aegis and crimson legs on

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    My LS has killed both Vrtra and Jormungand tanking them straight up. It is not necessary to kite any of the COP dragons in order to defeat them. Vrtra can be won in about 2 hours with 5~6 SMNs, Jormungand in about 2 hours with 4 SMNs.

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    FFXI Server

    It's all about what works for your LS.

    PLD tanks
    NIN tanks

    Straight up

    SMN damage
    /THF damage

    Just about what strategy will work best with what you have

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