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    Sourceforts is a Mod for HL2 that I started playing a few hours ago and I have to say it's fun as hell. If you have Half-life 2 and you are into the mod scene then i suggest you check it out. You'll have fun for hours lol.

    Today I got on the first server i saw with a decent amount of people (4vs4) and we quickly started to get the hang of it.

    Here are some screenshots:

    -My team quickly gets the hang of building

    -We quickly decide to pile a bunch of building blocks ontop of the flag so the enemy team does not get access to it.

    -We finish building our base, We start giving ourselves the good job feeling and we keep telling each other that our base is really good.

    -When the gates open and it's time to play CTF with our home built bases, we look at the other team and realize how sad our base is compared to theirs.

    -After about 10minutes of CTF, we get a time out and we start to do 'improvements' to our base. Sad to say, we only had 5 minutes.

    In the end, we won lol. If you own HL2 check the mod out. It's on fileplanet, Only 13mb http://www.fileplanet.com/150949/150000 ... ent-v1.4.2

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    lol this looks to cool. i might just have to buy HL2 for this mod.

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    sourceforts is fun ; ;

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    lol I should try that one...

    Theres also Garrys mod that I thought was fun as hell. Lets you spawn and move anything to anyposition you want.

    heres a link to some pics in their forum

    http://www.facepunchstudios.com/forums/ ... hp?t=20201
    "Need for Speed"

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