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    {Congratulations!} I guess?

    Best I've ever done was a Cotton Cape +1 >.> Level 38 Clothcraft <.<

    One thing that pisses me off, is that I only NQ the desynth of yagudo necklace into grass thread (lv0 synth), yet, I can HQ3 the desynth of gigas socks into wool thread pretty damn well @[email protected]

    Did I mention I make decent money from selling wool cloth stacks? :D

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    Re: Gendawa +1

    Nice work. ^^
    That's one rare ass bow, I tell ya.

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    How many attempts did it take you? Materials on Diabolos are only 70kish, so how many synths was it before you got a HQ?

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    Ingredients on gilgamesh are like 120kish and the NQ bow sell for 50kish.

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    Smells like Onions
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    Do you have any parsed data about the Gendawa +1? >.>
    I'm trying to sell the 2 i made (2/22) and nobody wants to pay the 9mil pricetag i put on them without any statistics showing its worth the money.

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