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    How far does COP extend with new patch (minor spoilers)

    Was curious if anyone knew yet how much further the new patch extended the COP missions. My group has entereted the Garden (btw...not a garden) and ascended each of the five towers (not mithra...none of us were a cat). We then took the elevator, located the Brand of Dawn and the Brand of Twilight, and used them to unlock the elevator all the way to the top floor. And there we found a door that was closed by a mysterious force. No CS, nothing to indicate that we were done, yet not a single clue as to what we had to do next.

    So is this just where it ends, or has anyone managed to get past this point?

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    Maybe you have to do a mission? Everything is locked by a mission in CoP!

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    this is where everybody is stuck i think. the only guess i have is to check huxzoi ebon panels and chamber of eventide again after having all that stuff. but it says to do nothing like that, so probably not.

    it was a good diversion for 1 night

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    It feels like a letdown. At least last patch there was a little CS and you got a very cool ring to reward your efforts. Here, you can't tell if you are done or not. The door displays the same message as other doors in the area (which we were able to open by killing those NMs). We can even have a ranger scan mobs that appear to be behind that door. It "feels" like we should be able to get past it. But I'm stumped.

    Any luck on findings maps to either area? Tried talking to all the quasi things we could find, but no luck thus far.

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    It hasn't even been 1 full day.... and a lot of people have troubles loggin in, be patient and keep tryin things before you all start bitchin it's over, who knows - maybe someone will find somethin out.

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    You guys scanned past the door and found mobs..?
    there should be a way to get in then. i don't think square populates areas with mobs that arent open yet (i.e. altaieu north)
    say if you find something was it just Aw'Aerns that are in the other rooms that look like that or something different? that's basically the only room in ru'hmet people can't go to yet.

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