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    we know what a chav is, but do we know what a douchebag is?

    the site goes into detail

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    HAHAHA that was funny, that guy is a loser

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    I have detroit tigers hat shit that sucks, but that dude is seriously lame. I like the phrase that he said Michigan and Wisconsin should join canada lol

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    Wow, thank you for providing me with the highlight of my day. I can now sleep much better tonight assuming I stop laughing by then. Again......Thank you.

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    I showed this to my cyber-girl and she says this is wrong...douchebag isn't a look but more of a personality defect.......right??/

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    I'd say you need a personality defect to dress like that

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    Pretty much anyone who dresses like that has a lot more than just a personality defect.

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    Wow... that kid got pwnd worse than Lesliechung pwnd Americans a while back, and he pwnd us pretty bad.

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