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    Sea Torques
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    New food recipies

    found this out

    im quite pissed that now i have to get a Raw Noodle Handling so i can make the pasta -_-; ... if anyone can please list the stats of the new food it will be greatly appreciated..

    if it became a big market like the sushi, i'll be glad to get 30,000 damn guild points for this

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    Rumor has it that:

    Pescatora = Vit+2 HP+15% (cap 150) defense+23% (cap 65)

    I've been waiting for one to pop up on Seraph to give it a try but lazy cooks can't get 30,000 GP in 2 days so I have to wait

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    I got the key item, and I am trying to gather up ingredients to make some pasta. I guess I will try to make some Pescatora. (If I can get the fish I need. >_< )