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    Yeah, First post here, I have a question. How does Ventrilo work exactly and how do i setup a hostname?

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    You have to buy a hosting client at a website who sells them. If you hosted ventrilo directly off your computer, not only would it lag the people in it, it would lag you as well. It costs like...$10 a month for a 15 man server or something like that, I'm not really sure of what the going prices are now'days.

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    I host a 75man server now, its roughly around $21 a month, with the clear voice codec. How it works is ventrilo itself is a free program to download off their website. You pretty much have your friends or members connect to the server thats you own or is hosting and then just setting up a hotkey to activate your mic to when you want to speak. Works through every game, and is a lot clearer then a lot of the other voice programs, like team speak.

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    yes we can hear certain people scream high pitched like girls when "amazing" things happen...its scary but funny at the same time (ill leave these peoples names unmentioned rofl)

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    Thanks for the info guys! It really helped. Most of my ls isnt really "Down" for the whole speak thing... (mostly cause they don't have mics) so it looks like downloading it was kinda pointless ^^;

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