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    new NIN album

    pretty hot. like the old stuff better but still good.

    Edit: i reserve the right to claim this whole CD for FFXI video productions that may occur in the future done by myself, and doing so as well makes you a big queer monger and i hate you. ihydiaf.

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    Post Withdrawn!

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    zero dont be a biter. kthx.

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    What I heard from the first video is pretty tight,

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    set up an ftp and let me leech it, kthx

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    ban for not providing any links

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    Meh, nothing will ever top The Downward Spiral for me.

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    Hurt =X

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    http://www.torrentspy.com/search.asp?mo ... &id=246907

    Need a torrent client to download. Came out a while ago. It's different, but still NIN.

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    did anyone read the topic and think that Ninjas had some weird new job trait

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