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    Just All Gamer's (Read before you judge please)

    I don't mean to pull away from this forum and website and all of that but I'm part of a guild called Just All Gamers United... Unfortunetly I need 10 people to get a Final Fantasy XI section up on our ventrilo and boards the WoW player's already have a section and I thought it would be nice to try and get some people here to join us and create a FFXI section... 5 of the WoWers said I couldn't do it but lets prove em wrong. If you don't mind go here:


    Click the check box and hit Register.

    Create a user name with the first four letters being JAGe (For Example My Name Is JAGeZeroM. JAGe Means Just All Gamers Evolved. Evolved meaning you play a game and your not some freeloader using up space on the site)

    Create a password.

    Use a VALID email (You will receive a confermation email)

    As your primary game type: Final Fantasy XI

    As a referer type: JAGeZeroM

    Set your time zone.

    Set to automaticly detect Daylight Savings Time.

    The rest on that page is your own settings.

    Hit Complete Registration and follow the instructions on the next page.

    I am doing this because the WoW players said that Final Fantasy XI would never get a section and also one of the WoWers said this and I quote:
    "Final Fantasy 11 Has to be one of the worst game's ever"
    I will also be posting here again as soon as 10 people post here and say they have signed up. Thank you all for your support.

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    I care about what some players of a video game said about another video game

    I only say that because I apparently care enough to actually reply to this post. But definitely not enough to try to prove them wrong

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