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    Beaucedine Strategy

    We've only done Dynamis-Beaucedine (sp?) once, had no clue what to do and we've been trying to look around the net to find a good strat, although the site we usually uses isnt very well updated on the ice-dynamises (Cat Attack). Today when we tried it for the first time, we basicly wiped hard on the Dynamis Effigy wich summons 5 NM's or whatever. Had no clue he would do that ; ;. But anyway, I was wondering if anyone have a good map / strat to beat this Dynamis aswell as giving us some good advices for this. Would be very much apprechiated. Thanks.

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    Well I don't have a map, or time extentsions list for you, but I assume they are on the inet, but I'll describe a walkthrough for you, to megaboss if you like. Now this won't get you every monsters you would want to kill, for af farming or anything, but to megaboss.

    Start out you enter, and must turn around. Simple.

    Go straight, clear to the 1st tower. There is a monk NM here. We use paladin to tank this. Should be a time extention here is I remember correctly.

    Onward, past tower, you will get to a intersection. To the left there is a ramp up, you do not want to take this.

    You want to make this your camp for now. Clear in front of you, then have your pullers clear from around the right side corner.
    There are lots of NM's is this where you were talking about? Just pull slowly and try not to link everything. There is a time extention or 2 if I remember correctly.

    Since you have defeated the other cities, I don't see why you wouldn't be able to handle these pulls/links.

    Now. Don't head around the right side corner once you have the extentions, nor do you want to head up the ramp to the left. You want to head straight to get to fey yin basickly.

    Follow the path. And it will lead to a ramp downwards. Take it down. Once your down the ramp a quadav nm will be there, no biggie. Now I believe the Direction to head is SE. Once your down the ramp you head to the right that is SE. I hope heh to the right!.
    You will pass a tower.

    Keep following the right wall, and you will see a ramp. Now don't go down this ramp just yet. You want to clear some of the statues to the right of the ramp. We clear I believe the 2 left adamant iffgys or so on the right side of the ramp. There are 4 or so total. Do as you please. Time extention I'm not sure.

    Now skip going down the ramp for now, and head to the right and follow the right wall. You will come to more effigys! Pull them, and get the time extention.

    Now head back from where you came to the ramp and head down it.
    This will lead you to a new intersection, You can either Keep going straight to fey yin which I would suggest. Or go to the right. If you go to the right, there is some mean orc nm's which charm and some avatar's mixed in, there is a time extention but I suggest not getting it. You would need to sacrifice pull the time extention. If you really wanted it. Just a suggestion.

    Ok Now you came down the ramp, and head straight towards fey yin, there are a couple effigys on the right, we don't kill them, we stick to the left wall, until you can see another tower.

    This is a bit tricky to explain. We cut across to the right, and setup camp, There are these ice crystals on the ground. This is basickly directly to the south of the tower, or a bit southeast.

    We sacrifice pull the effigys to the right, and pull to the tower, and have another paladin flash the time extention effigy. Quite easy, 15 more mins added.

    Raise the dead sacrifice puller, and head straight, past the tower, and you will see another 4 or so effigys. You can either clear 1 side of them, and sneak past the others, or clear them all, I suggest clearing them all.

    If you keep going straight past this, this leads to what we call NM Lake, every pull is 2 nm's. We have never gotten any AF from these though from my knowledge. 1 of the Orcs can charm, we don't let the melees fight the orcs, they are the 3rd pull. If you pull going from the left around the lake.

    Now after you clear the lake, you at the final ramp leading to the Megaboss.

    I suggest reading strats, I know they are already posted on this forum and such!

    Now I know you may not understand a lot I said, but I hope it helps. Get a map, and look at the time extentions and go for them

    Good luck.

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    Thank you for very good info man.

    Follow the path. And it will lead to a ramp downwards. Take it down. Once your down the ramp a quadav nm will be there, no biggie. Now I believe the Direction to head is SE. Once your down the ramp you head to the right that is SE. I hope heh to the right!.
    You will pass a tower.
    This is where we went East instead of SE. We ran into something called Dynamis Effigy wich, on pull, summoned 5 NM's lol. So that is basicly just for farming there is no extension involved with the Dynamis Effigy?

    Once again thank you very very much

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    Killing Dynamis Effigy allows you to kill one of the boss dragons without it being resummoned.

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    my LS doesnt do dynamis with a full crew (lucky to break 45 sometime), so we never got to the point of killing the dragons.

    But the pukis dragons get resummoned after they die ?? o.0

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    Its to the right once you get down the ramp, Its either SE or SW I honestly can't remember. Stupid directional compass thingy! *_*
    Good luck

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