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    CoP mission 2-3 question

    hi guys i have a quick question. i know a lot if not all of BG have done a lot of CoP, myself and fellow ls mates went and killed the minotaur, but sadly we didn't have thief and died trying to get the key. what i would like to know is if we need to kill the minotaur again? we had heard you do but i can't find anything to confirm this, thanks for any input in advance.

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    Once you've killed the Minotaur, you never have to do it again :D

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    No, but, you haven't fully completed that mission either, albeit you downed the Minotaur.

    You need to get those people who downed Mino, and head into one of the two Libraries (forgot which/where), you'll know it's the right one when you take a ladder upwards, and get a Cutscene (not that lamer RE climbing the ladder thing, but an actually CS). Then you gotta head towards in the inner doors and get another CS. That will actually flag you complete.

    After that you just have to do some running around Tavnazia, mostly back and forth to Snowmint Point and you'll gain access to Riverne #A01.

    Right now my COP group is on the Ouryu BCNM, but we've had the unfortunate occurance of our main leader choosing to leave FFXI, so I'm gonna try at an attempt to pick up the pieces, dunno how far we'll get though. Otherwise I'm locked at that stupid mission >.>

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    thanks guys thats what i thought too just need to get that key or bribe a thief hehe

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    Set up a Subligar hunting party, more often than not you'll get a couple keys while going for the subligars. Hell, you might get some of the Gobbiebag VI items too.

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