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    Well, today was my first Ballista experience ever.... i'm suprised my deaths didn't go into double digits, but along the end, i learned stay away from all those people.

    Lag was a real issue for me, but I bet it is for everyone else. So, here's the point of my topic. What general tidbits of info do you guys have for ballista.

    Also, I went as a RDM/BLM and did very little melee. I spent most of my time chasing down people, using Sleep II, Bind, Silence, and other debuffs as best as I could. I didn't melee too much, but did pretty decent damage when I did.

    BTW, level 60 CAP. Thanks.

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    rdm can sub /nin /mage /war /brd in ballista and be just as good as any other job O_O. im talking about 75 cap tho havent done too much 60 cap. With NIN u can dual wield joyeuse main / kraken off hand, with mage u should go all out def with earth staff and just be support, you shouldnt die with darksteel, earth staff, jelly ring, and buffs. /war u get vorpal blade and with high sword cap you should do over 300dmg with melee gear on. and /brd is a joke because sleep hardly gets resist and horde wipes all shadows for any1 /nin. rdm and monk are 2 best jobs for ballista because rdm has all spells and can be decent melee, and monk has insane HP and can 1 shot mages with asuran fists.

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    Ballista has been causing r0 every few seconds for nearly everyone who participates in it recently.

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    I hope that's one of the fixes in that 7 hour update.

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