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    So.....anything good?

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    12 files, what more can you ask for?

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    Does the door that doesn't open actually open now? Only to take you to somewhere else that doesn't do anything? :D

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    Its not the size that counts :wink:

    Of course I could be entirely wrong and the update could of just led to another door locked by a mysterous power with little to no story added.

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    Salvage Bans
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    That locked door takes you to a new BC within Ru'Hmet against 4 of those Stone things... There are two Small ones, and two large ones. The small ones cast Tier 3 Ga Magic, which is the hard part about the BC. You can sleep them once, but they are really hard to sleep afterwards. Not sure about Silence...will update again later. ... /newbc.jpg

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    new mission bc -> badass cutscene -> ??? so far

    record time, got everyone together and finished it in 3 hours if this is the end then square has come through again

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    Salvage Bans
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    Feb 2005
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    How'd you guys do it?

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    This bcnm had horrible implementation. Only one party can enter bcnm at a time...and everyone else has to just sit there with them inside. There are tons of ppl waiting to get, and no clear line, since no way to use translator to figure out an order. We ended up just spamming our way to get a feel for the bcnm, but the crowds kept us from seriously making a go at it.

    So basically, you have what looks like a fun, tough, challenging bcnm...but only one party can enter it at a time, while everyone else has to wait outside. It's like being in fucking traffic.

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    i cant belive prishe fucking died

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    snipered by will ferrell no less

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    bc isn't really that hard, just takes some getting used to

    before you go up there, don't bring rangers, they do reduced damage, slug/side does like 400

    bring some stuns, bring some elemental seals for sleep, and you'll win easily

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    meh my party had a ranger and we got it done

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    yeah, we had a rng too ;P

    and nick's right, the waiting is completely bogus, the pt in there right now killed 1...wiped and are reraising now

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    Salvage Bans
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    Feb 2005
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    Ended up winning with 5 people...2 WHM, 2 BLM, and WAR. Had to zombie, but it worked

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    Relic Shield
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    Jul 2004
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    We beat it with DRK, RNG, NIN, BLM, BRD, RDM.

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