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    SKY > ME :O

    Okay.. I got sky access yesterday or some crap like that, and I zone into Ru'Aun Gardens to be met by a shitload of frame-by-frame mad lag goodness! I somehow managed to make it back to the Hall of the Gods with 0.5 FPS to call a GM. They told me to talk to Tech Support which was closed~ So I go to bed, wake up, get on to talk to Tech Support and the gu makes me give him a bunch of PC stats, blah blah blah. He comes to the conclusions that it's my sound card.. How the hell does a sound card cause my FPS to go from 30 to 0.5? The music in there played fine.. I know my PC can handle the area, my specs are well above the minimum requirements to play this game.

    So anyway, the tech support guy says instead of using onboard sound (which I use), I should use my sound card (shitty SB Audio Live! thing). BUT, the sound card doesn't want to work for some stupid reason. I cleansweep my PC, reinstall everything related to the soundcard on my PC, when I restart my PC I hear the windows tune when your PC starts up and you log on your account, so I'm thinking, "Alright, I got it to work! yay!" So to test out if it actually works, I play some music, NO SOUND! So I uninstall everything related to the soundcard, remove it from inside my computer.. and now I'm using onboard sound again, which means no sky access apparently.

    Has this happened to anyone? If so.. post some kind of solution other than "lololoz, ur pc sux u fgt ROFFLECOPTERCAKEMIX" I figure I'll need to buy a new soundcard or something.. meh.

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    One of our bards in our LS had the same problem for a long time, had to call a GM to transport him out of the area. I think he uninstalled and reinstalled his harddrive or something...I can ask him what he did if you want to know.

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    I have heard of similar issues, and people have reported them resoloved after reinstalling the game. I think you can just uninstall and reinstall Zillart since that is an expansion area and it will work.

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    Stop I had the exact same issue my frame count was down to 1 and eating resources like mad solution your antivirus I am using E trust EZ armor. If that is the same one you are using just snooze it, if its another antivirus shut it down. Kinda sucks I have to do it every single time I enter sky. Whatever you do, don't uninstal yet.

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    Ah.. well, I reinstalled windows, just finished installing the basic stuff. I'm gonna reinstall FFXI now.

    To Endo: I was using eTrust, I'm using Avast at the moment now, hopefully it won't cause the same problems.

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    That was your problem for sure then yeah I just play in window mode and snooze it when I got to sky. Sorry you had to uninstall ; ;

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    i disable sounds in ffxi

    it's the only way i can keep from getting like 1 fps everywhere i go :l

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