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    Clothcraft post 52

    I've seen on Mysterytour that the skillcap for the Red Grass Cloth seems to be around 60. Does anyone happen to know roughly what the cap is? Maybe this might be a less painful craft to use aside from those atrocious green ribbons? XD Just wondering, [email protected] for now^^v

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    It's an accomplishment thing, since I solo'D about 200+ points of that stupid trial to break the latent. You'll see one when I get Savage Blade in awhile. Almost 73, then just gotta get the skillup, break the latent, and kill that stupid scorpion XD.

    Now answer my question dammit! <.< <3

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    Hoping for a reasonable reply ~.~

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    Nope, cap is ~16 for red grass cloth.

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    Why do people use shitty MysteryTour? Somepage is 10 bazijillion times better.

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    Mysterytour was god last year at this time. It's a bit dated now.

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    Thanks for the updated info @.x Seemed weird for a thread craft to be 15, but to have a cloth 4x higher... Of course, some things are like that strangely enough.

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    It is the single best FFXI synth site in existence.

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