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    Jorm :O!

    Finally killed jorm hehe..

    i'm a dumbass and cant figure out how to post pics in big kill section so..

    unfortunately our genius SS taker didnt get any with HP bar in it.. -_-

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    edit: nvm i am so out of it today

    also killed tiamat 2 days ago

    finally got gaiters on 4th kill :D

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    why would you put a recast time on a avatar? wish SE would make it so you can have a /recast "Blood pact" without having a summon out

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    well if you have garuda out waiting for next scheduled blink, but he AoEs and kills it, you wanna know if you have time to wait for recast, or tell them to skip you in blink order.

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    Is that RCRicky from the forums crabs? If so, wtf.

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