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    Why there are 25 sniper rings on sale at AH?

    I havn't played the game for a few months because preparation to go to grad school. Today I got some time and I logged in and checked the AH... and found there were 25 on sale at that moment. Is there rumor that another sniper replacement is coming up?

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    there has just been one trying synthesize HQ , its not the first time 25-40 on AH, i goes like 1-6 on AH then 25-40 on AH and go down to 1-6 then again a lot ect ect ^ ^

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    I wouldnt really call that a Sniper's replacement, but more of a mini SH for your finger. They already have Venerer/Woodsman/Jaeger Rings as 'similar' quality.

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    Jaeger > all.

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