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    Wise Braconi vs. Errant Slops

    Considering investing into a pair of these, however, trying to get opinion from those who actually have/use them. More or less, which would be better for: Enfeebling, Elemental, and Dark magic?

    Kinda hard to weigh +7INT and +7MND vs. 2 MACC. without a good indepth experiment XD

    (Elvaan RDM btw, not sure if that would make any significant differences into your opinions).

    Thanks for any/all help.

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    i use them for -enmity

    cloude synthed wise braconi+1 for me so I sold my mahatma slops because I never enfeeble anyway, i'm just stunning and refreshing

    i've heard mixed reviews, everything from they suck they're not worth it to OMG i NEVER get resisted now. in my opinion, after enfeebling merit points, af1 body, enfeebling torque, and a decent amount of MND or INT, there isn't much you can do- you're either gonna land the spell just about every time or get resisted just about every time based on the mob's resistance to that element or job trait (thf resist gravity, pld resist sleep, etc)

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