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    yea, my eyes are looking more towards leathercrafting now x.x; i was wondering what you had to skill up on from like 85-100 cloude or anyone else

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    90-100 involves lots and lots of Wyvern Skins, lots and lots, and i mean lots and lots, the number im thinking of is around 400-500?

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    @[email protected] jesus mary n'joeseph

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    coeurl jerkin to 89, do yourself a favor and get smithing and cloth sub up for cardinal vest to 94. tiger mask to 95 i guess, griffon leather to 97 if applicable and panzer mask to finish it up.

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    i see, is griffon hide expensive? i know it drops from dynamis, also i heard the road to 100 for leathercraft is difficult and costly, true?

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    price of griffon hide is dependant on server, some servers the price is the same as wyvern skins, and on my server its actually cheaper to make tiger masks then cardinal vests. getting to 100 can be costly mainly because of wyvern skins.

    I dont really remember how much I spent to get to 100 leather, but it sure was a pretty penny

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    i see

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    Yoshi P
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    I need rough estimate on 1-60 Leather considering current prices. Where would I hit a snag and what would be the alternative.

    Mind you this is a sub craft for Smithing, so I'm looking for a power leveling way to get it done.

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    worst part of 0-60 is without a doubt himantes

    himantes are satan

    stick to leather wherever possible, if you farm skins it shouldn't be too bad. if you follow the most popular paths your biggest expense will be lizard skins and sheep leather (later on), but the nice part of Leather 0-60 is you pretty much have to powerlevel it- it took me less than a week to cap out from 0.

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    Yoshi P
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    Not bad, guess I can train every lizard in Valkurm or Sheep in Highlands.

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    Cloude made 2 HQ panzer mask while skilling up, so it's not that bad. LOL.

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    whats so bad about himantes <.<?

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    first you need to make cesti into lizard cesti (using a lizard skin) but you'll be far enough above the cap that you'll HQ a fair amount (i HQ'd about 15-20% of the time) and you can't use the HQs to make himantes.

    That and raptor skins are kinda hella expensive.

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    Or you can be smart and mule about 40-60 of the lizard cesti using them as skillup, and then bring them back out for himates allowing you to almost break even on the synth instead of a complete utter loss.

    Planning ahead helps alot.

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    cant use hq to synth XD thay blows i figure ill keep all the leather i synth since i know ill be using it, or keep the leather i know ill be using...i think i just contradicted myself.... >.>

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    best synth conditions?

    Just a quick question, since most of the 90-100 synthing is earth crystals. What would you say the best conditions for skillup are? Also with the cardinal vests, do you recommend being lvl 60 smithing, or just cap out making steel sheets?

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    lol sorry

    sorry that post up there is me, sorry i forgot i wasn't logged in >.>

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    I've found the best weakening elements for earth crystal were light and lightning. So I'd synth lightsday lightningsday; face southwest or northeast if your at least 2 away from the cap

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    99.1 and never bought a wyvern skin

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    Rearry? I used to see your name on the price history regularily before it became 100k

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