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    <3 Dyna-Bastok

    Had one of our best Bastok runs ever tonight. Very little deaths, no wipes either

    Total AF2:

    2 DRG, 1 MNK, 1 SMN (free lot), 1 BST (free lot), 3 DRK, 2 RDM (one mine now :D).

    No 100 coins, but was pretty good, the DRG AF ended up going to one person who has a 75 DRG, the other was an open lot ~.~ Tons of Relic GS, and this little spiffy thing to prove how freakin random resist traits are:

    1 point for Resist Petrify IV >.>

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    The God Damn Kuno
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    Dec 2004
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    Kuno Sedai
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    Those resist traits own in ballista, too bad they're kinda weak elsewhere. Sounds like you had a good run though, rdm and smn af is kinda in high demand for us.

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    We have a whopping 1 active SMN in our Dynamis LS. He has his gloves already, it's just we scheduled this mid-week run really early to my surprise, a lot of people didn't come per usual. Probably one reason I could get my AF2 is because there were 4 other RDMs there o.o

    Definately best run yet though, especially when we had like 20+ mobs on us down in the alley, I lost count, just kept spamming Sleepga >.> I got the kill on the Mega Boss too LOL.

    Fire III > Gu'Dha Effigy

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    CoP Dynamis
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    May 2005
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    Best farm run we ever did was on May 17.

    Duelist Gloves
    Melee Gaiters
    Sorcerer's Tonban x3
    Abyss Sollerets x2
    Valor Coronet
    Monster Jackcoat
    Bard's Cuffs x2
    Wyrm Brais
    Summoner's Bracers

    9 months of Dynamis, no AF2 pieces to show for it. Not even from then. But hell, made a lot of ppl happy that day.

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    Salvage Bans
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    Nov 2004
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    Aratharn Xiv
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    FFXI Server


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