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    Music Question

    First I would like to say this is a badass site and I wish that more the of the HNMLS' on my server could carry themselves as professionally as you guys. But enough ass kissing.

    I guess this question is more directed at Ondori than anyone...

    What are the names of those songs from all the LS vids?

    I got all the vids I think, and watch them from time to time (Like when u have a 3 hour layover in Atlanta and your out of smokes....) Just curious cause I liked alot of the Background music that I heard and I was wondering about the names so I could try to find them. If anyone knows it would be greatly appriceated...

    Heian on Valefor

    EDIT ok ok I mised that sorry.....What can I say... I am a noob

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    thats the reason they put "FFXI TALK" 1st then "general discussion" and still people ask this same ?

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    thanks ^^ ...

    I should probably make a new video sometime.

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