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    Hey im new to the forum, so /wave to everyone. Saw the vids and decided to join the forums and hopefully pick up some tips and info about some of the nms and hnms. Im from leviathan, and if you know anything about that server, the NA has accomplished very little. Mostly through ppl being childish, greedy and the usual ailment of end-game stuff. I personally am a fan of the"Big Kills". Seeing some huge beast fall to the ground is a beautiful thing.

    OK, introduction over with =P. My LS tried the Chlevnik KS99 today. It was our first attempt at a behemoth of any kind. After 30min we took it down to about 10% and got kicked. Setup was, 2PLD 3WHM RDM(kite pt), 3blm rng sam brd(DD pt) and smn sam rng rdm war drk(dd pt). Our basic plan was sleep to 300% tp, unload ws at start and kite him through the whole area. Blm Rng and other DD would be at the bend and unload dmg where they could. The battle was very disjointed at first. The initial ws's and meteors made getting hate tough. After about 2-3min, and a few deaths, we solidified hate and started kiting. Our problem seemed to be the few deaths we took from the beginning. Most of the time i could outrun meteor, but when i didnt, someone would usually be one shotted while weak. This greatly hurt our dmg output, as blm and rngs seemed to go down pretty fast to meteor. At ~50% health he seemed to like to spam stun and meteor more. Does anyone else have experience witht his battle? Is there another strategy we may have overlooked? Any help woul dbe appreciated.

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    spamming WS on it at the start will not make the tanks life easy.

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