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Thread: Finally we got sea!!     submit to reddit submit to twitter

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    Finally we got sea!!

    I know some of you have had it for months, but recently some people in friendly fire decided to try it.

    To be honest the hardest part about getting to sea is not the bcnm's or the NM's, but finding the time to actually do the missions when everyone is on.

    Congrats to Mikey, Elixia, Mukuu, Flashgordon, Sinther, and Mugus.

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    Still working on them missions...on the 3 paths one or the fork....i forget what it's called :D

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    Now prepare to be disappointed like the rest of us. >_>

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    Any chance I could latch onto your group for the tower NMs in Al'Taieu :wink:

    Really though, my group won't be going anywhere anytime soon for CoP, and I'm eager to just get into the Grand Palace of Hux'zoi finally.

    Couldn't hurt to ask >.>.

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