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    For Sadler

    I don't know what this is. Apparently it's a Diablos II spoof but I never played that game before. I like Sadler's sig a lot so I figure he might like this too. Enjoy.

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    How many SoJs for an Enigma? ;o

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    in diablo 2 the money currency , gold i think it was , was usless it dropped every where so to trade items a ring called stone of jordan (soj) was used
    it had good stats +1 to skills and +xx to some resistance i forgot. that ring was used to trade items ie: windforce = 40 soj and so on the humor behind the sig i think is , if u played diablo there were many koreans players and for some unknown reason till this very day they were crazy about soj's so people used to rip them of like get a grandfather(sword) worth 40 soj for like 5 cause the korean player just wanted soj's and dint care how he would get them, also they dint speak extremly good english it was hard to communicate with them but everytime you would ask something they would say "soj"
    lol :D

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