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    whats there deal now? I still don't like them from when they leveld all together and were stupid and pissed everyone off. they kept telling me for exp pt, and i kept saying No, "fucking no!" 'leave me alone RMT elsewhere" etc etc. so i finally took a pt invite.

    we go to KRT, i tell H-4, i'm lost, she runs to me, D2 her, H-5 wonders whats going on, so i start D2 him, he runs back but i nab him when he's almost out of range, then I warp myself.

    Haungs didn't know what to make of it just "?????? Why d2 me?"
    Cuteness just said "LOLOLOL"
    Cejay teh nub kept trying to defend them.

    Oh well whether they sell gil now or not, i'm kinda happy i messed a little with them today :D

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    despite the lack of replies, that was insightful demetrick.

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