Whoever submitted in Ascendant Sky for Fenrir is definitely a fake. It must've been some fanboi that submitted it. Ascendant Sky migrated to hades awhile back. Our linksite is as.hadesffxi.com

Majority of our LS quit the game back in November for WoW. It took us awhile to recover from from the WoW factor. Since our leader and a bunch of our members left. They got sick of camping and rather play a game that has instances. Old skool AS merge up with the guys from Gameover and form a guild on Archimonde in WoW. There link is http://www.limitlessguild.com.

Our LS has recover to the point where we can farm wymns easily and hopefully Vrtra will fall very soon. I'm not sure why our old leader never submitted us in for bigkills on Fenrir because we achieve a lot of things or why our new leader hasn't. If our leader decides to submit us to Big Kills i'm sure he will down the road.

Btw congrat on Koenig body and keep kicking ass.